How to get the school travel pass

Before registering it is important to verify if the applicant’s school is recognized by MEC (Ministry of Education). The documents that are delivered at Pássaro Marrom offices will be analyzed in seven business days.


If the registration is approved the user may get his or her school travel pass ID card and make his or her first purchase. For later purchases it is necessary to provide the school travel pass signed by the school principal and stamped on the reverse side of it, in that month.

Necessary documents 

  • Filling and printing registration form;
  • Submitting form to school for proper authentication (parent/guardian signature and school stamp);
  • Paying school travel pass request, which is R$10,00;
  • Delivering the following documents ar the office where the passes will be acquired:
  • Proof of Enrollment (updated statement/service agreement), mentioning the attended course or taught subject, school days, class schedule and course duration;
  • Authenticated student pass which shall be given by the education stablishment or, considering the teacher, diploma;
  • Social Security number copy (CPF in Brazil);
  • ID copy;
  • Residence proof in your name, spouse’s or parents’. It it is in your spouse’s name it is necessary to attach your marriage certificate. In case of living with third parties you nees to submit his or her statement with recognized firm, attaching it to the residence proof statement. Only UPDATED statements with maximum 3 previous months expiration date will be accepted, this document needs DATE OF ISSUE or EXPIRATION DATE and statement owner’s name;
  • 2 ID-size photos.

Second Copy Request 

In case of student travel pass loss the user has to go to a Pássaro Marron office to make a written request – which shall specify the bus line that he or she takes and registration number – with an ID-size photo. In case of theft the same measures shall be taken, however, the user shall, also, submit a police report copy. In any case a student travel pass second copy emission tax will be charged. The tax value is R$10,00.


  • Student travel pass is only for personal use and it is non-transferable.
  • User is obliged to identify him or herself by presenting his or her student travel pass everytime he or she has to use it.
  • Any user made irregularity concerning his or her student travel pass (loan, selling or donation) will imply loss of discount right.
  • At the time of purchasing student travel pass and bus boarding the user is obliged to present his or her student travel pass card, that shall be stamped and signed in a monthly basis by school.
  • In case of loss or theft user shall report it in writing to Pássaro Marron, immediately, in order to avoid document use by thir parties.

Students and teachers registration

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