If you are visiting Brazil pay attention to the following rules in order to trabel with Pássaro Marron and Litorânea.


Visit one of our offices (check here a complete list of our offices) Pássaro Marron or Litorânea or online:

Passaro Marron Website: passaromarron.com.br
Litoranea Website: litoranea.com.br


At the ticket office by cash only.

  • Credit/debit card payments can only be made through website and self-service if available at location. (on the website tickets can be purchased with credit cards in up to 3 installments)
  • On internet shopping you will receive an SMS with a locator code, with which you will be able to print your ticket on the totems located in self-service rooms when they are available, or directly on the office counters.

Passaro Marron Website: passaromarron.com.br
Litoranea Website: litoranea.com.br


Only made through CSC on the following telephone numbers:

  1. Customer Service: 011.3775.3850 | 0800.285.3047
  1. Special| Hearing and Speech Impairment Customer Service: 0800.888.2122
  1. Reverse shall be crediter on your card in up to 90 days.
  • After ticket purchase, please, head to the boarding platform.
  • If you need to take something on the bus luggage rack, talk to the platform auxiliar by the time of boarding, who will identify your baggage and will give you one copy of the identification (keep it safe because you will need it to withdraw your baggage)
  • Have your passport with you to board or any official document with a photo.
  • Before boarding, you need to fill in the ticket form, identifying passenger’s name and document number.
  • Entering the bus – on the ticket you will have your seat number.
  • When disembarking you need to remember to take your belongings and your baggage with the platform auxiliar. In order to do so you need to have your identification copy with you. (if it is not given to the platform auxiliar your baggage can not be returned to you)
  • Passenger’s name must be written on the ticket (Resolution ANTT nº. 4.282/2014). The ticket is nominal, therefore only the passenger that has his or her name on the ticket cam travel or transfer the ticket so that another person may take his or her place and travel (Resolution ANTT nº. 4.282/2014).
  • Gratuity: Children – interstate bus lines (outside state) allow children that are up to 06 (six) years old (to be completed) shall be carried on their guardian’s lap according to laws and regulations concerning underage transportation, however, this must be informed to the clerk when purchasing the ticker in order to receive a specific ticket with child’s identification. This ticket does not come with additional costs. (Resolution ANTT nº 4282/2014)
  • Brazilian passengers (legal age or adolescents) will only be allowed to board through official document identification with photo, such as the presentation of an ID, according to legislation, art. 3º[1], Resolution ANTT nº. 4.308/2014. Documents will be accepted in their originals or register office authenticated copy, provided that it it possible to identify the passenger.
  • Adolescent (in Brazil, person who is between twelve and eighteen years old to be completed): he or she shall present official document identification with photo, according to Brazilian law, art. 3º, Resolution ANTT nº. 4.308/2014.
  • Child (person who is up to twelve years old to be completed): when boarding it is necessary to present ID card, passport or birth certificate (original or register office authenticated copy), according to Brazilian law, Resolution ANTT nº. 4.308/2014.
  • Additional rules for children boarding continue unchanged and can be read on the article 83, Law nº. 8.069/90 (Statute of the Child and Adolescent).

It is allowed only in ARTESP overseen lines. (See lines in our offices)

ARTESP decree 16 from 23/03/2011 disposes of Animal Transportation:

  • II –  Maximum animal weight is 08 kilos and it must be transported in a proper container for this kind of transportation, exempt of detritus, water and food and it is necessary to assure the animal safety, comfort and hygiene. During the travel, on the bus stops, if necessary, the animal guardian shall provide container cleaning.
  • In order to clarify: Animals that are bigger (heavier) than law allows can not be transported, even if the passenger insists and pays for the seat.
  • III – The container where the animal will travel must be made of fiberglass or other resistant material, with no saliences or protuberance, leak proof, maximum size of 41x36x33 centimeters (CxLxA), and must be put in the passenger compartment, necessarily on the seat next to its owner. Animal physical integrity is not a responsibility of the company while it is transported, but the owner’s.
  • In order to clarify: the animal must be transported in a container that is made for this purpose, with the appropriate size and shall be kept on the seat next to its owner or the person who is carrying it.
  • Article. 3rd – A regular tax will be charged by the seat where the animal will travel.
  • In order to clarify: Ticket charge apply to the SEAT that is taken by the person who pays for it. We are not charging a ticket as if it belongs to the animal.
  • This measures, in addition to allowing animal transportation, protect other users’ safety and comfort while traveling.
  • WARNING: We do not transport pets or other animals on EMTU or ANTT bus lines, EXCEPTING GUIDE DOGS.

Do not forget to take your pet’s vaccination card with you, it must be updated and you also must take a sanity statement that shall be given to you by your pet’s veterinarian.


ARTESP and ANTT bus lines (See more about it in our offices)

  • There is a 30 kg luggage limit by passenger. If your luggage exceedes this limit you should see a company staff member who is on the platform.

If any irregularities happen, who should I reach out to?

  1. Customer Service: 011.3775.3850 | 0800.285.3047
  1. Special| Hearing and Speech Impairment Customer Service: 0800.888.2122
  1. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • What can I take on the luggage rack?
    On thew luggage rack you can tranport up to 30 kg free of charge. Small and easy to accommodate luggage can be taken inside the bus if it is up to 5 kg.
  • What if the luggage is lost?
    You should go to the ticket window and talk to the clerk, you will need to describe your belongings that were in your luggage and, after that you should talk to our Customer Service 0800 285 03047/0XX(11) 3775-3850. Here you will file your complaint and receive a return deadline.

Art. 7th Resolution n. 1383, march 29th, 2006.

  • I-  Not to identify yourself if demanded;
  • II- To travel under the influence of alcohol;
  • III-  To carry a gun without formal authorization by law;
  •  IV- To transport (or intend to) products that might be considered dangerous by law;
  •  V- To transport (or intend to) pets or wild animais without proper container or that are not in compliance with law and regulation rules;
  •  VI- To intend to board objects without proper size or packaging;
  • VII- To compromise other passengers’ safety, comfort or quietness;
  • VIII- To use a sound device after you have been warned by bus crew;
  •  IX- To show disrespecful behavior;
  • X- To refuse paying the fee;
  • XI- To smoke or to use similar products inside the bus, in disagreement to current law;