Ubatuba (SP)

Ubatuba (SP)

One of the 15 seaside resorts in the state, only 250km from São Paulo capital. Some of its beaches are calm, which provides a good place for practicing sports like stand up paddle. In other of its beaches there are hectic waves and there several surf championships are held every year. Ubatuba has over 100 beaches along its coast side, among them you will be able to visit: Maranduba, Toninhas, Itamambuca, Itaguá, Lázaro, Vermelha, Grande, Enseada, Perequê and Saco da Ribeira.

It is considered an ecological paradise from Northern São Paulo Coastline, the city has a wide hotel and gastronomic netword with countless natural riches. Its simple people, with a rich culture, host their tourists who are looking for leisure and fun times.

Some touristic spots:

Ubatuba Aquarium

In it its visitors, in addition to the contact with animals and guiding, may learn with ease biology and conservation concepts.

Anchieta Island State Park

It has an area of 828 hectares which shelter its rich Mata Atlântica fauna, with its animals like capybara, pacas, capuchin monkeys, sagüis, quatis, skunks, sloths, armadillos and cotias. Over 50 bird species, including: sabiá, juriti, tangará, tiésangue, colerinha, saíra, bem-te vi, atobá, seagulls and hummingbirds.

Tamar Project

Base of the Sea Turtles Project – TAMAR is in Ubatuda and has a visitor center where there are tanks with living specimens of sea turtles.

Maranduba Beach

Here the visitor can enjoy a complete infrastructure, from servicing to hosting, in addition to its other attractions such as boat renting, kayaks, banana boat, beach slide and schooner rides.

Source: http://www.roteirodeturismo.com.br

Credits for the picture:Prefeitura de Ubatuba

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