São Sebastião (SP)

Over 30 beaches alongside São Paulo southern and northern coastline with all kinds of attractions, from family tourism to partying and radical sports such as surf, kite surf and others. Translucid waters, clear sand and exuberant vegetation, in addition to the uniqueness of each beach help on making it one of the country’s most beautiful coastline portions. The sun is harded form 11 to 15. Apply sunscreen frequently and drink much water. Glasses and hat use is recommended. Know the beaches:

Boracéia, Juréia, Engenho, Barra do Uma, Juquehy, Praia Preta, Barra do Sahy, Baleia, Cambury, Boiçucanga, Brava de Boiçucanga, Maresias, Paúba, Santiago, Toque-Toque Pequeno, Calhetas beach, Toque-Toque Grande, Brava do Guaecá beach, Guaecá, Barequeçaba, Pitangueiras, Trabalhadores, Arrastão, São Francisco, Cigarras, Enseada

Some of the attractions:

Boat rides:

Heavenly beaches and islands, surrounded by translucid waters provide direct contat with sea life and lots of fun and adventure in the sea. The means of transportation are your choice: canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle, jet sky, boats or yachts.

And as a nature gift you might be surprised by stingrays schools, not to mention dolphins and even whales that tour São Sebastião coastlines.

Tracks and waterfalls

Invested with stunning beauty, the Mata Atlântica ecosystem, as well as Serra do Mar and Coastline Area assure the ecological biodiversity in all of São Sebastião extension. Tracks and waterfalls with different water levels, natural formations and forests with easy access and great diversity are attractions that provide a wonderfull experience on the contact with the area flora and fauna all over the year.

Sea sports

Good winds, rich nature and ares with great infrastructure mix and provide unmatched conditions for those who are looking for a healthy lifestyle travel. To surf lovers, in addition to Maresias, other beaches provide ideal conditions for good waves as Cambury, Guaecá and Paúba. In Enseada beach, on weekends, hundreds of Kitesurf lovers gather to party in the air and sea. To the sail lovers you have windsurf, stand up paddle, canoeing, kayak and other water sports, for that purposes, São Sebastião Canal is considered one of the best spots in Brazil.

The islands Montão de Trigo, Couves island, Gatos island, Toque Toque island are places that must be known even under water.

Source: http://turismo.saosebastiao.sp.gov.br

Credits for the picture: http://turismo.saosebastiao.sp.gov.br

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