Pouso Alegre (SP)

Pouso Alegre has an altitude tropical climate because it is located in a Minas Gerais mountainous region (about 830 meters hight). Summer rain is much more abundant than winter rain and, in winter, cold fronts, coming from south pole, may cause frost phenomenon.

  • Yearlyaverage: 17,8°C
  • Maximumtemperatureeverregistered: 40 °C
  • Minimumtemperatureeverregistered: 2 °C
  • Maximumyearlyaverage: 26,8°C
  • Minimumyearlyaverage: 12,5°C

Some of its attractions include:

  • Serra Sul mall (143 stores, multiplex with 4 rooms and leisure area)
  • Pouso Alegre Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Sanctuary
  • Holy Family Carmelo (CarmelitasBarefootMonks)
  • ChristtheRedeemer (The biggestBrazil replica, in São Joãodistrict)
  • Municipal Theater (which is a replica for the Milan Theater)
  • Municipal Market
  • Episcopal Palace
  • Municipal Museum
  • AncientGalleries
  • Music State Conservatory
  • 14º GAC (Campaign Artillery Group)
  • Mineral water mine, Mina do Machado standpipe is one of the main ones
  • Gino Maria Rossibrother Municipal Stadiumwhichisalsoknown as “Manduzão” (referencetothecitymainriver), it wasinaugurated in 1997 andhascapacity for 35.000 people (oneofthebiggestthroughoutthestate), it wasbuilt in round shape.

Source: www.prefeiturapousoalegre.gov.br

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