Jacarei (SP)

Jacareí is a city from Paraíba Valley Metripolitan Region and Norther Coastline in São Paulo state, Brazil.

Jacareí is part of what is called Expanded Metropolitan Complex.

A spot for leisure and sport is the City Square, where you can find a tennis court, Indoor Soccer courts and multi-sport courts, it also has a walking track and gymnastics equipments, a stage for artistic presentations, exhibit place, bycicle path and a wide parking lot. In order to ensure visitors safety the Square has a camera monitoring system. It also has free internet broadband signal. Several gardens were built and 100 different tree species were planted there, species such as palmeira-imperial, pau-brasil and pau-ferro, in the inner area. Externallu, the Square has ipê seedlings and aroeira-salsa.

Around the city you will find several sport, leisure and culture spots. The newest investment are the Educamais Spaces. These spaeces were created to serve several regions throughout the city with places for sport practice and places for courses and events.

Another great touristic spot is the Eucaliptos Square and the Municipal Vivarium.

Source: http://www.jacarei.sp.gov.br/

Credits for the picture: Alex Brito

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