Itajuba (MG)

One of the main Itajuba touristic sources is ecotourism. The city is part of the touristic circuit named Caminhos do Sul de Minas.

Among its main touristic attractions we can find the Biological Reserve Serra dos Toledos (it is not open to visitation but it has several natural spots around it), the Anhumas Forest Hotel; Figueira Farm, Pedra Aguda and Anhumas Archeological Site.

In the city you will find several waterfalls such as Serra dos Toledos, Estância Waterfall; Pedra Vermelha Waterfall; Grande do bairro Lourenço Velho Waterfall and Peroba Waterfall. 15km away from Itajubá downtown, on Delfim Moreira border you can still find Ninho da Águia Waterfall.


São Miguel Arcanjo chapel –Sol de Deus community, Itajubá, Minas Gerais.
Davi Retreat House – Sol de Deus Community, Itajubá, Minas Gerais.
There are a lot of historical big houses, among them you will find: Rosada House, which was home for a former president, Wenceslau Brás; Santa Casa de Misericórdia building, Grande Hotel building (which is one of the oldest), Teodomiro Santiago fundation building; Isaltino Faria small palace (which used to be the mayor’s office), City Council bulding (which used to be a forum), the old Bus Station (Wemceslau Braz Museum).

A crucial visitation spot for religioous pilgrimage is the “Sol de Deus Community”, which is located in Santa Rosa district. It has a Chapel which is dedicated to São Miguel Arcanjo and was built in classical and roman style. Finally, it is a stunning place surrounded by mountains with a welcoming silence where you will find God’s presence and a calm place to pray.


Credits for the picture: Geraldo Gomes

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