Guaratinguetá (SP)

Hometown for Santo Antônio de SantAnna, known worldwide as Frei Galvão, the first saint who was born in Brazil. The city attracts tourits from all around the world who are looking forward to meeting the places where he once went to. It has several great options for resorts and hotels and it is about 176km far from São Paulo capital.

It was founded in February 13, 1651, however its anniversary is celebrated in June 13 due to the city patron saint, Santo Antônio.

Guaratinguetá, tupi word – guarani, where, guará = heron, tinga = white and eta = many. “Many White Graces”.

“Frei Galvão Land”, due to the fact that the first brazilian Saint was born in there.

It has approximately 120.000 inhabitants and it is located in the Paraíba Valley

Some of its main touristi attractions include:

– Santo Antônio Cathedral;

– Frei Galvão Museum;

– Frei Galvão House;

– Frei Galvão Church;

– Frei Galvão Seminar;

– Esperança Farm;

– Bus Station;

– Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Cave;

Source: Guaratinguetá City Hall/João Socó

Credits for the picture: Guaratinguetá City Hall

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