Boiçucanga (SP)

Over 30 beaches, located between North and South coast, with attractions for everyone, from family tourism to party and extreme sports as surf, kite surf, among others.

In addition to its beautiful beaches, Boiçucanga has a wonderful sunset and tourists can go sightseeing on tracks and waterfalls.

Tracks and waterfalls

With its stunning beauty, the presence of Mata Atlântica, Serra do Mae and Zona Costeira assure ecological diversity alongside São Sebastião.

Tracks and waterfalls with varied water levels and falls, natural formations with easy access and great diversity. These are attractions that assure an amazing experience for tourists throughout the year.

The tracks along the coast are good for both the beginners on ecotourism and the more experienced ones, it includes rappeling, tyrolean, cascading and bird watching.


Credit for the picture: São Sebastião City Hall.

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