Bertioga (SP)

With over than 90% of its territory in permanent conservation state the Estância Balneária de Bertioga has an unmatched experience when it comes to nature and history.

It is a perfect destination for those willing to learn about the values of Caiçara culture, which is a hallmark along the brazilian coastline.

Know Bertioga

Beaches for all tastes

Certified as the Green Blue City, Bertioga keeps its beaches with high quality standards. 33km of beaches that are perfect for sea bathing with the whole family and with assured accessibility.

The beaches are: Cantão do Indaiá, São Lourenço beach, Itaguaré beach, Guaratuba beach, Boracéia beach, Enseada beach.

Know Ecotourism

Bertioga provides two open tracks for ecotourism activities. Guaratuba track, with medium dificulty level is 4km wide and has river crossing, going through low and high reefs, hillside forests and dense rain forest.

The Trilha d’Água provides knowledge on the process of the preserved Mata Atlântica vegetation changing, which goes from the mangrove forest, reefs, paludosa forest, hillside and dense rain forest. It has other cultural attractions as the cable car going over the Itatinga Plant and the Iron Bridge over the Guaranduva river. It is 2,7km wide and this track has a medium dificulty level.

The access to the tracks is restrict and must be done only under monitoring.

Check the lists with certified agencies by accessing the City Hall website.


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