For those who are visiting Brazil or intend to travel by bus to Paraíba Valley cities and Northern Coastline with one of Pássaro Marron and Litorânea buses, you should be aware for the following guidelines. Check!


In order to buy your tickets and travel with Pássaro Marron and/or Litorânea, you can go to one of our offices (check the places in our Ticket Stores list), one of our sef-service rooms or access our websites / in order to purchase your tickets with ease.


At our offices: If you buy your tickets at one of our offices the payment has to be made in cash only. It is important that you know that we do not accept checks, debit or credit cards in our offices.

Self-service rooms or totem: the payment can be made with credit or debit cards (in our self-service rooms we do not accept checks neither cash).

Internet: If you buy your tickets in our website the payment can be made with your credit or debit cards (on the internet the payment can not be made in cash or check).

On our website your purchases can be made in up to 3 (three) installments with credit card; the payment must be made at sight, which means it can not be made in installments.

Be aware!

1.                  If the purchase is made on our website you will be charged with a R$XXXX convenience fee and this value will not be returned in case of purchase canceling.

2.                  When concluding your online purchase you will receive a message on your cell phone with a track code. With this number you must go to one of our totems, which are located in our self-service rooms or at the bus station, when available, or in one of our office counters to print your ticket.

3.                  In order to have access to the online purchase service you need to access our websites: or


If, by any reason, you decide to cancel your online purchase , the cancelling request has to be made by calling to our CSC (consumer service center): 0800 285 30 47 or (11)3775 3850.

The returning shall be crediter to your credit card in up to 90 (ninety) days, under the regulation rules of your credit card.

Done! Now that you have bought your tickets you must be aware to the following:


Now that you have bought your tickets you must be aware that, in order to board safely, some rules have to be followed:

1.                 In your ticket you have the platform where the bus will park. Go to this platform and wait for your bus, that will have an indication informing you of your destination on the bus digital signboard or plate on the bus windscreen;

2.                 If you have doubts do not hesitate in asking the bus driver the schedule and destination in order to avoid boarding on the wrong bus.

3.                 If you need to take your luggage inside the luggage rack before you board talk to the platform auxiliar (employee who is the responsible for luggage dispatch) who will identify your belongings and will give you an identification paper.

Be aware!

Keep this identification paper safely because you can only take your luggage with it.

4.                 Have your original passport and/or official identification document with picture with you (for foreigners the official document in Brazil is your passport or RNE, when it comes to a naturalized foreigner). This document must be shown to the driver before you board alongside with your ticket, that has to be filled in with your name and identification document number.

5.                 When you board look for your seat, that will also have an identification number on your ticket.


When arriving in your destination do not forget to take your belongings and luggage inside the luggage rack by showing the platofrm auxiliar your identification paper.

Hand luggage is exclusively your responsiblity and the company does not take responsability by objects that are forgotten or left inside the bus. The company responsbility is strictly with the identified luggage inside the luggage rack.

Be aware!

Check your luggage in order to determine if it is in the same conditions from when you left it in the bus luggage rack and, if you notice any problem, look for a Pássaro Marron and Litorânea employee so you can solve the issue right away.

You still need to know that… 

Animal transportingis allowed only in ARTESP monitored lines, and it is necessary to pay attention to the following guide.

BE AWARE!!!We do not transport pets in road lines and/or those overseen by EMTU or ANTT, we only allow guide dogs transportation.


Animal tranporation in road services is a very special situation. Pay attention to the following guidances:

  1. The animal must have its vaccination updated and it must be registered in a proper booklet.
  2. The animal guardian must have a sanity certificate from a veterinarian.
  3. The animal guardian must look for the Federal Agriculture Station (or other Agriculture Ministry agent in his or her city) taking the vaccination booklet and the veterinarian sent document in order to get his or her Animal Transit Guide (GTA) for which there will be a fee.
  4. The animal can not be transported if there is a risk of causing disturbances to other bus users. We suggest that it travels in a standard container which has a width of 20cm, 25cm high and 40cm long.
  5. The Animal Transit Guide (GTA) is applicable only in an one-way travel, which means it is not applicable for the way back. For the return the same measures shall be taken.
  6. Checkwiththe bus company in ordertobetterunderstandtheinternalruleswhich are followedby it.


For more information on animal transportation check the Decree 16 from 03/23/2011 from ARTESP (

For the boarding of children who are under 5 (five) years old and the adolescent you must know that:

o   Independently of age the official document showing is mandatory in its original copy with a picture on it. To foreigners the official document inside the countru is the passport or RNE, when it comes to a naturalized foreigner.

o   Up to 5 years old the child can be transported free of taxes, as long as he or she does not take a seat on the bus (he or she needs to travel on his or her responsible lap).

o   For the parents who want to travel with childern who are under 12 years old they shall show their children birth certificates, ID or passport when boarding. The same measures is applicable to grandmothers, uncles and brothers who are over 18 years old, and in this case the adult person identity document must also be shown ir order to prove the dregree of relatedness.

o   For the children under 12 years old who are not accompanied by their responsible or parents mentioned above (relatives up to third degree) they must have an authorisation from the jouvenile court judge as long as it is not a contiguous district or the same Metropolitan Region and, also, as long as it is a travel between cities from the same Federation unit.

o   Adolescents (over 12 years old and under 18 years old) can travel alone as long as they have an official document in its original copy with a picture. Birth certificates are not applicable in this case.

About the transported luggage weight, you should know that:

The ticket price covers, when it comes to franchising, mandatory volume transport inside the luggage rack or inside the bus, as long as the following weight and size limits are regarded:

  1. Insidethe bus luggage rack themaximumweightis 30kg of total weightandmaximum volume of 300dm³ (0.3m³). The biggestportionoftheluggage must have a maximumofone meter long.
  2. Insidethe bus thepassengercantake 5kg of total weightwithsizethatfitsthe bus luggagecompartmentinside it as long as thecustomersafetyandcomfort are notundermined.

Once this limits are exceeded there will be a fee for luggage excess. Check with the bus company to understand better the limits mentioned above.

It is forbidden to transport dangerous materials as explosives, weapons, corrosive products etc.


Be aware!

If your luggage is lost look for a Pássaro Marron and/or Litorânea employee in the office which is located in the bus station where you are in order to find it right after you disembark.

Once these measures are taken you should call our CSC: 0800 285 03047/(11) 3775-3850, in order to register occurence and get your protocol number.

With all these guidings we hope you have a nice travel, but if you have any questions or if you want to register an occurence call our CSC or access onde of our websites:  and/or www.litorâ .