Enjoy the Brazilian Winter

Enjoy the Brazilian Winter

Campos do Jordão

One of the main destinations for couples, Campos do Jordão City, is much sought after mainly in the autumn and winter seasons, mainly because of the low temperatures. The city offers all the infrastructure of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants.

To enjoy even more the stay in Campos, go from Pássaro Marron and do not worry about parking, fuel, toll, … from São Paulo to Campos do Jordão, the price of the stretch starting at R$ 50.90 *.

Enjoy the company, exceptional wines, fondue, fireplace, …

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Besides the breathtaking landscapes, Pinda, as it is known, has several options for hotels, spas, inns, restaurants and bars. Anyway, everything to enjoy a super romantic weekend.

The stretch São Paulo vs. Pindamonhangaba starts at R $ 41.54 *.

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For couples who enjoy adventure sports, Atibaia is a great place, as well as having all the infrastructure of hotels, inns, restaurants and bars.

From Sao Paulo to Jacareí, the section goes for R$ 21.60 * and from Jacareí to Atibaia, the section leaves for R$ 23.45 *

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* Ticket prices may change.